Trigger Immune® (100 caps), Chinese - Nature's Sunshine

  • Benefits:

    • Supports the immune system.
    • Helps guard against nutrient depletion.
    • Fortifies the circulatory system.
    • Nutritionally enhances the body’s ability to respond to weakening forces.
  • How It Works:

    Trigger Immune is a combination of 18 herbs designed to support natural immunity. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this formula is designed to strengthen a weakened energy constitution. Its Chinese name sheng mai can be translated to mean “generate the pulse.” Trigger Immune is considered a general tonic formula. Its key herbs— schizandra, astragalus, tang-kuei, ginseng and ganoderma—build the immune system and promote energy.


    Astragalus root, ginseng root, epimedium leaf, eucommia bark, ganoderma mushroom, lycium fruit, rehmannia root tuber, achyranthes root, tang-kuei root, atractylodes rhizome, citrus peel, hoelen sclerotium, ligustrum fruit, ophiopogon root tuber, peony root without bark, polygala root, schizandra fruit and licorice root.

    Recommended Use:

    Take 3 capsules with a meal three times daily.

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