JumpStart Complete - Nature's Sunshine

  • JumpStart Complete Contains:

    • 2 bags SmartMeal
    • 1 box Solstic Energy
    • 1 box Super Trio
    • 1 box Clean Start


    • Provides needed nutrients.
    • Promotes vitality and longevity.
    • Has powerful oxidant-scavenging capacity.
    • Is conveniently packaged.
  • How It Works:


    Super Trio offers the basic nutrients your body needs for optimal function in go-anywhere cello packs.

    Each pack contains:

    • One tablet of Super Supplemental to support your daily vitamin and mineral needs; it also features the Protector Shield blend of fruit and vegetable powders plus extra nutritive herbs, amino acids and trace minerals.
    • One softgel of Super Omega-3 to satisfy your body’s vital need for essential fatty acids.
    • One capsule of Super ORAC, an exclusive formulation packed with potent free-radical-quenching antioxidants.



    Super Supplemental Vitamins & Minerals, Super Omega-3 EPA and Super ORAC.

    Recommended Use:

    Take the contents of 2 packets daily with meals. One box supplies a full month of portable, powerful nutrition.