Bifidophilus Flora Force® (90 caps) - Nature's Sunshine

Regulate your intestinal track with our pro-biotic bifidophilus, without the extra calories and sugar found in yogurt and most probiotic drinks

  • Benefits:

    • Helps regulate the intestinal tract.
    • Supports the digestive, immune and intestinal systems.
    • Promotes healthy bacteria colonies in the gut.
    • Sugar and calorie free
    • Excellent for kids
  • How It Works:


    The healthy human intestinal tract contains billions of flora that live in a delicate balance with each other and in symbiosis with us. We provide them with a home, and in turn they break down our food into easily absorbed nutrients. They also aid digestion in a variety of ways and promote immunity. Factors such as stress, environmental conditions or the use of certain substances can affect their vitality.

    Bifidophilus Flora Force provides billions of beneficial intestinal microorganisms that offer a whole range of health benefits. They help to maintain the natural, delicate balance of flora that inhabit the human intestinal tract. These friendly flora also help to decompose fecal matter, improving nutrient absorption and producing certain vitamins as metabolic byproducts. NSP added fructo-oligosaccharides (short- and long-chain), which support the growth of these beneficial organisms to ensure the potency of this product.

    This product is recommended for daily use to help maintain a healthy balance of friendly flora in the intestinal tract and to support the immune system.


    L. rhamnosus, L. casei, L. acidophilus, B. longum and fructo-oligosaccharides (short- and long-chain).

    Recommended Use:


    Adults: Take 1–2 capsules with meals daily. Children: Take 1 capsule daily with a meal. Refrigerate or freeze to maintain freshness.



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