Nature's Sunshine IN.FORM Wellness and Weight loss

Transform Yourself with IN.FORM

Burn Fat. Be Fit. For Life.

It’s here! The life-changing new system you’ve been waiting for!

IN.FORM is truly a different kind of weight-loss program. It's a unique, 13-week, group setting that brings to life all of the elements of NSP's Transformational Habit of Health, beginning with weight loss...all the way to lifelong health.

IN.FORM offers a truly holistic approach to weight loss and health. It includes:

  • Socializing. A fun group setting allows participants to immediately tap into a powerful social network. Friends building you up makes any change easier.
  • Accountability. Conduct weekly weigh-ins and measurements to track success and assess needs.
  • IN.FORM BioTracker. Measure weight, body fat%, hydration levels, lean muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic age and more! Clients get to know their body’s unique needs!
  • Health Education. Share with participants the knowledge and skills they really need to achieve lifelong health and wellness.
  • A focus on emotional factors and how to balance real life drama with their health goals.
  • IN.FORM Health Assessments. Develop product programs customized to your participants’ needs to help accelerate their success.
  • And much more

To find a class in your local area watch the video below!


Click below for Module one Powerpoint Slides in PDF format 

PDF Version Module 1: Getting Started-Program Overview