Heather's Bio

I have had an interest in natural health for many years. I am married and have two boys. I’m an herb specialist and aroma therapist for Sunshine and Herbs and teach classes on a regular basis. I love essential oils and how they help people with their emotions. I have just received my IN.FORM certification and will start IN.FORM classes to help people “LOOSE FAT, BE FIT, FOR LIFE!” This will be a unique 13 week course, taught community style as in “help one another”, beginning with weight loss...all the way to lifelong health. In 2010, I received my Sierra College degree in Natural Science and I use that knowledge to compliment the on-going classes I take from Nature’s Sunshine’s educational program in natural health.

My husband and I are independent distributors of Nature’s Sunshine Products. The reason we chose Nature's Sunshine products is because we believe in them. Created from nature, but rooted in science, our remarkable products deliver extraordinary results—again and again.

My hobbies are crocheting, gardening, making jewelry, and of course, lots of time with my family. We love camping, riding bikes, fishing, playing games, and once a week we have a family night, where we catch up with each other, have a really yummy meal, and maybe watch a movie or play a game.

My hope is that I can help others be healthy so they can enjoy lots of time with their family and friends !

Education is power, and I’ve learned that when you know better you do better. I know my family is doing better and I look forward to helping others