Donna Rulo's Info

Donna Rulo was born a looong time ago in Southern California. In the intervening years, she graduated high school, married and raised three children who are the light of her life and worked at the Post Office for seventeen years.

In 1989, she moved to Northern California with the family and eventually got a job working in Jennifer Weiss' Nature's Sunshine office. She has bee working with Jennifer for almost twenty years and is now managing the Sunshine and Herbs herb shop Jennifer owns.

When Don is asked if she lies her jobe/, the answer is always a resounding YES!! The reason she gives is the fun of meeting people and helping them start to feel better. She loves to share encouraging things she learns with the customers, who become friends over time, and they always say how much the enjoy shopping at Sunshine and Herbs and talking and sharing with Donna.
Donna feels the main reason, other then her, people return is that we sell such a fine product, and the herbs and vitamins we sell actually work. Nature's Sunshine does over 400 quality tests. One of the most important is the genetic footprint test, where they test that they are using the right plant, the right part of the plant that studies show help, and that it's pure, among many other very important tests to insure purity and potency of our product. we often return products that fail our tests to a supplier, and they sell it to another company who may not have a lab to test teir oduct, or just don't know or care that it's really important that people with health issues get good product to put in their body.
Donna and all the other people involved in Sunshine and Herbs have the same goal: helping people heal and feel better so they can enjoy thier life. Wehave classes, and we really believe in educating ourselves and our friends and customers about the food we eat the things we thing and feel, and the supplements we take. We believe strongly that a pers may have a genetic weakness, but that is not thier destiny. Donna and all of us believe we can take control of many things in our life and change them if we wish. Our goal is helping people make the best of the life we have. Come see us!!