E, Engagement more on the PERMA model

Now for the second letter in the PERMA model, E for Engagement. This key ingredient that scientist have found in flourishing people one of the foundations of the "happy" live. Have you ever been so into what you are doing that you lose track of time, the external world disappears, and you become one with the object of you thought? Engagement is almost like being in a trance-like state. Have you ever got lost in the moment? Lost all sense of time? Where the sounds, smells, and things going around you and disappear? Many people experience this when they do something that they love! For some it is painting. For others it is writing or cross-stetching. However, its not just doing what you love, nor is it the activity itself that causes what psychologist call "flow", flow happens when your highest talents are put the the test just right! If the task is to hard or to easy, you will not reach flow. In order to get into the "flow" state, it requires work! So, find a task that you love to do and challenge yourself. What if you dont know what task or activity would get you into the flow state. Not knowing this key information about yourself could be one of the reasons you are not as "happy" as you could be. In order to be a flourishing person, one must know themselves. I would suggest trying new things, if you like it and it is a challenge enough for you to enjoy it and you keep doing it your chances of reaching "flow" are much better. However, being abole to concentrate is a key aspect of "flow" indeed without the ability to concentrate one's chance's of getting into the flow start are just about minimal. Below are a couple of products that can help you with that:



Grant Weiss
Grant Weiss