Label Conscious Part 2

This part is on confusing packaging labels, and how the terms compare to one another. As always, I will cite my sources when I can.

6 Phrase Face-Offs

  • Organic Vs Organic Ingredients – Simply put, packages labeled as “organic” mean, 90% of the ingredients qualify as organic. Packages labeled as “organic ingredients” mean, 70% of the ingredients qualify as organic.
  • Reduced Sugar Vs Low Sugar Reduced Sugar means the product has 25% less sugar than the original. The “low Sugar” term has no standard definition.-FDA
  • Whole Grain Vs Multigrain- Although similar, these terms are not the same. Whole grain means all the parts of a grain were used, grain kernel — the bran, germ and endosperm. Multigrain means that food contains more than one type of grain, although none of them may necessarily be whole grains. So look for a black and gold seal from the Whole Grains Council- this is an indication it’s high in the good stuff - Mayo Clinic
  • Cage Free Vs Free Range Cage free means, hens where not in cages, however they still may have been in tight quarters, depending on the farm. Free Range means, these hens are not caged and can go inside or outside at will. - WebMD
  •  Fat Free Vs Zero Fat- These term are the same. However the product is allowed to contain less than .5g of fat. If the serving sizes are small, you could still end up eating a lot of fat. And finally, you still don’t know what kind of fat is in the product, good or bad.- FDA

So all that being said, when you take the time to examine your food labels, you’ll become informed. When you know better, you do better!!

 Good Health To You!