Label Conscious Part 1

So let’s face it, at sometime or another, we eat food from boxes, cans, bags, and the like. How do you choose the best options available? Answer: Read your labels, not just the nutrition facts, but also the ingredients.

I found an article on nutrition labels, and I want to share the information with you. The sources used in the articles are  from RDNs, RDs, and some have PhDs. I double checked from reliable sources to make sure they were correct. And yes they were. I will do my best to cite some sources.

In addition, since there is so much information, I am going to do this article in parts.


  • Sugar Free – if the food contains less than .5g of sugar per serving, it can be called sugar free. - FDA Some carbs count as sugar, so low carb can possibly be sugar-free. - Healthy Living How To
  • Natural Vs Organic – Deceiving but simple, Organic is FDA strictly regulated. Natural is undefined, and can easily contain growth hormones, GMOs, and other dangerous ingredients. – Other buzzwords to look into, Wholesome and simple, they are unregulated words.
  • A Green Label – this is psychology, people assume that food  in a package the color green  is healthier.
  • Low Fat – the FDA says an ingredient should be 5%or less to be considered low in fat, while 20% is high. Even though a product is low in fat, it can be high in sugar, sodium, and calories.

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