January 18, 2014

E, Engagement more on the PERMA model

Now for the second letter in the PERMA model, E for Engagement. This key ingredient that scientist have found in flourishing people one of the foundations of the "happy" live. Have you ever been so into what you are doing that you lose track of time, the external world disappears, and you become one with the object of you thought? Engagement is almost like being in a trance-like state. Have you ever got lost in the moment? Lost all sense of time? Where the sounds, smells, and things going around you and disappear? Many people experience this when they do something that they love! For some it is painting. For others it is writing or cross-stetching. However, its not just doing what you love, nor is it the activity itself that causes what psychologist call "flow", flow happens when your highest talents are put the the test just right! If the task is to hard or to easy, you will not reach flow. In order to get into the "flow" state, it requires work! So, find a task that you love to do and challenge yourself. What if you dont know what task or activity would get you into the flow state. Not knowing this key information about yourself could be one of the reasons you are not as "happy" as you could be. In order to be a flourishing person, one must know themselves. I would suggest trying new things, if you like it and it is a challenge enough for you to enjoy it and you keep doing it your chances of reaching "flow" are much better. However, being abole to concentrate is a key aspect of "flow" indeed without the ability to concentrate one's chance's of getting into the flow start are just about minimal. Below are a couple of products that can help you with that:



January 17, 2014

Label Conscious Part 2

This part is on confusing packaging labels, and how the terms compare to one another. As always, I will cite my sources when I can.

6 Phrase Face-Offs

  • Organic Vs Organic Ingredients – Simply put, packages labeled as “organic” mean, 90% of the ingredients qualify as organic. Packages labeled as “organic ingredients” mean, 70% of the ingredients qualify as organic.
  • Reduced Sugar Vs Low Sugar Reduced Sugar means the product has 25% less sugar than the original. The “low Sugar” term has no standard definition.-FDA
  • Whole Grain Vs Multigrain- Although similar, these terms are not the same. Whole grain means all the parts of a grain were used, grain kernel — the bran, germ and endosperm. Multigrain means that food contains more than one type of grain, although none of them may necessarily be whole grains. So look for a black and gold seal from the Whole Grains Council- this is an indication it’s high in the good stuff - Mayo Clinic
  • Cage Free Vs Free Range Cage free means, hens where not in cages, however they still may have been in tight quarters, depending on the farm. Free Range means, these hens are not caged and can go inside or outside at will. - WebMD
  •  Fat Free Vs Zero Fat- These term are the same. However the product is allowed to contain less than .5g of fat. If the serving sizes are small, you could still end up eating a lot of fat. And finally, you still don’t know what kind of fat is in the product, good or bad.- FDA

So all that being said, when you take the time to examine your food labels, you’ll become informed. When you know better, you do better!!

 Good Health To You!


January 15, 2014

Label Conscious Part 1

So let’s face it, at sometime or another, we eat food from boxes, cans, bags, and the like. How do you choose the best options available? Answer: Read your labels, not just the nutrition facts, but also the ingredients.

I found an article on nutrition labels, and I want to share the information with you. The sources used in the articles are  from RDNs, RDs, and some have PhDs. I double checked from reliable sources to make sure they were correct. And yes they were. I will do my best to cite some sources.

In addition, since there is so much information, I am going to do this article in parts.


  • Sugar Free – if the food contains less than .5g of sugar per serving, it can be called sugar free. - FDA Some carbs count as sugar, so low carb can possibly be sugar-free. - Healthy Living How To
  • Natural Vs Organic – Deceiving but simple, Organic is FDA strictly regulated. Natural is undefined, and can easily contain growth hormones, GMOs, and other dangerous ingredients. – Organics.org Other buzzwords to look into, Wholesome and simple, they are unregulated words.
  • A Green Label – this is psychology, people assume that food  in a package the color green  is healthier.
  • Low Fat – the FDA says an ingredient should be 5%or less to be considered low in fat, while 20% is high. Even though a product is low in fat, it can be high in sugar, sodium, and calories.

My family enjoys nutritionally balanced shakes from our Company

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Good Health To You!

January 08, 2014

Eating Right

There are lots of ways to eat wrong, but what about eating right. In my nutrition class I learned to "eat a rainbow" every day. But what does that mean? Well it's something I made up to remember the best way to get my fruits and veggies. It’s good to eat a variety of fresh things. If you remember to vary the color of fruits and veggies you eat, you increase your variety. For example, if you eat something green with a meal, next time eat something of another color, perhaps red or orange. So I told myself, if I “eat a rainbow” every day, I will get my variety.

One thing to keep in mind is that you go by the color of the flesh of a fruit. For example, bananas count as white not yellow and apples as white, not red.  Here is something things we do as a family:

  • Eat a rainbow everyday
  • Read your labels – This is extremely important!!! Not just the nutrition facts, but also the ingredients
  • Stay away from high fructose corn syrup – You will be surprised how many things contain high fructose corn syrup. If you follow this rule, you will have already made leaps and bounds in premade food choices!! Even my boys at age 14 and 11 read labels
  • Less packaged foods – The more you make meals and snacks from scratch, the better you’ll eat. Even if you don’t time have a lot of time, you will spend your time somewhere else, like at the doctor’s and sick at home. And if you go to the doctor, you just spent money


We also include meal replacements in our diets, such as Nature’s Harvest. Nature’s Harvest drink mix packs powerful nutrition. It contains whole foods, greens, vegetables protein and many other nutrients. You can find it here http://www.sunshineandherbs.com/collections/daily-essentials/products/natures-harvest-465-g-15-servings

Good Health To You !

January 07, 2014

Starting With The Basics

There are a few things we can all do to be healthy. And the best part is they don’t have to cost anything. So here are some ideas:

Determination – try to have small goals and stay with them. It takes 30 days to make something a habit.
Water – this is something most people don’t get enough of. Our bodies are made up of nearly 70% water. The Institute of Medicine determined that an adequate intake (AI) for men is roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total water a day. The AI for women is 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total water a day. – Mayo Clinic
Sleep – if you can fall asleep anywhere anytime, you are sleep deprived. If you need an alarm clock to wake up, you are sleep deprived. Not consuming caffeine after 1pm may help you have a more restful sleep. Turn off all electronics (TV’s, computer, ect) 1 hour before bed, this help the body wind down for sleep. This is the advise form my son’s doctor.
Laugh - smiling and laughing produce endorphins which we all know helps us feel better.
Exercise – go on a walk, ride your bike, jog, or play with your kids at a park.

In addition to these things, there are things that cost money, and should be invested in. If you only buy one thing, get a good quality multivitamin. My husband and I use Nature Sunshine’s Super Supplemental Vitamin & Minerals. My boys use Sunshine Hero’s vitamin and minerals.
These vitamins can be found at our website www.sunshineandherbs.com . Striving to do these things and taking our daily vitamins has helped us all to feel better.

Good Health To You !